Update To Hulu VR App Lets You Watch TV With Friends

Oculus Rooms, Avatars and more come to Hulu on the Gear VR and Rift.

In an announcement made yesterday by Facebook’s Oculus, the virtual reality company revealed updates to both their Oculus Rift and Gear VR Hulu experiences that add a plethora of new social features to the already popular application. These new upgrades will not only allow friends to watch the latest episodes of their favorite shows together, but also allow them to communicate and interact while they do too.

hulu-vr-social-oculus2Thanks to the integration of Oculus Rooms on the Gear VR, friends can now jump into VR and watch videos, play multiplayer games or just chat. This means they can start enjoying all of Hulu’s great content together as well. While accessing the entire Hulu catalog of 2D content requires a paid subscription, users can still hang out and enjoy all of the app’s 360-degree content free of charge.

oculus-hulu-social-vrThe Hulu app for the Oculus Rift also received some improvements in the form of Oculus Avatar and Oculus Touch support. Users can now use their custom Oculus avatars inside the app adding even more immersion to the viewing experience. Oculus Touch controls allow users to navigate the app’s menus, or just wave to a buddy, with more ease than a standard game controller.

For more details, check out this video highlighting all the goodies you can expect from the official Hulu VR app.

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