Upcoming TV Series Features A Cast Of AR Avatars

The situational comedy will air on traditional networks and streaming services alongside a unique AR version.

We’ve seen AR technology used in a variety of unique ways over the past several years, but nothing quite like Gay Aliens in Metaverse. Brought to us by Hollywood-based production company Archstone Entertainment in partnership with 3D/XR studio Altar Inc., the upcoming television series features a cast of crudely-drawn aliens created as part of the Gay Aliens Society NFT Project.

According to Archstone, Gay Aliens in Metaverse is an upcoming situational comedy that will air on traditional networks and streaming services alongside a unique AR version designed to make viewers feel as though they’re actually a part of the show. No word yet on exactly how this will work, though we can assume some form of smartphone technology will be involved.

Image Credit: TokenSociety

“We are very excited to partner with Archstone Entertainment and and co-create the television series, “Gay Aliens in Metaverse” using the most innovative technologies and digital experiences we created over the past few years,” said Illia Pashkov CEO of Altar, Inc in an official release. “Our collaboration will build bridges between the entertainment, digital and physical worlds.” 

Gay Aliens in Metaverse is actually the second project financed on the TolkenSociety NFT and metaverse platform. According to the organization, its first proejct, Men of the House, is the first TV show financed exlcusively by NFTs.

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Feature Image Credit: TokenSociety

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