‘Unplugged’ Update Lets You Shred In Mixed Reality

Vertigo Games adds a new song and support for mixed reality powered by the Quest’s Passthrough technology.

Last month, Vertigo Games (Arizona Sunshine, After the Fall, Traffic James) released its latest game on the Oculus (Meta) Quest, Unplugged, allowing you to rock out in VR using your very own air guitar. The Quest version of the game ditches the Touch controllers in favor of hand-tracking technology, allowing you to physically take hold of your virtual ax and shred your way through a soundtrack of head-banging rock-n-roll tunes.

Today, Vertigo announced the official release date for Unplugged on PC VR. Beginning December 2nd, the game will be available on all SteamVR headsets compatible with the Valve Index controllers. Why the Index controllers you ask? Unplugged has you using all of your fingers to interact with the strings on your guitar; the inputs required are simply too complex for standard VR controllers like those for the Quest, Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

The PC VR release will launch alongside a new original song composed by the over-the-top “glam rock” band Steel Panther. You may recognize the groups’ frontman as your fabulous in-game mentor, Satchel. This is the second song from Steel Panther to be featured as part of the games’ setlist.

Arguably the biggest news from today’s announcement, however, is the new mixed reality mode coming soon to Unplugged on Oculus (Meta) Quest. Powered by Quest’s Passthrough+ technology, this upcoming mode blends the virtual stage with your real-world environment, allowing you to rock out in an immersive mixed reality environment.

Image Credit: Vertigo Games

“We always knew that blending a virtual stage with your real place would be a super interesting feature for Unplugged,” said the developer in the official update. “Getting to see your friends or family cheering you while you play… that’s a perfect combo! Now, thanks to the Quest Passthrough, we can make this kind of experience possible. On the list of venues, you’ll be able to select a new mixed reality one, which can be your own living room, your kitchen, or wherever space you feel like rocking!”

Unplugged will be available on PC VR headsets via SteamVR for $24.99 on December 2nd alongside the new Steel Panther. Mixed Reality mode will launch the same day as a free update for Quest and Quest 2 headsets. Unplugged is available now on Quest.

Feature Image Credit: Vertigo Games

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