Universal Orlando Begins Testing Hulk VR Experience

You may one day ride the Incredible Hulk roller coaster in virtual reality.

In advance of Universal Orlando re-opening their much anticipated and redesigned Incredible Hulk roller coaster this Summer, the resort has been quietly testing a VR experience with guests willing to take a survey.

Originally reported by Orlando Informer, the VR experience began testing last week only with Universal employees. Now Universal Orlando has opened the experience up to all guests, with testing taking place in the Toon Lagoon Amphitheater, a 2,000 seat venue that has remain unused.

Park guests interested in trying out the VR experience at the amphitheater are escorted onto the stage behind a curtain where they will find themselves in a dimly lit room with rows of chairs. Each chair has a VR headset and headphones placed on top, which guests are then asked to take a seat and put on. Since no photography was permitted, it is unclear what kind of VR headsets were used, but we can guess a familiar mobile headset like the Gear VR is a likely choice.


According to a guest who tried the VR experience, it was a short 360-degree video that began in a laboratory filled with “tones of green in what appears to be Gamma experiments and possibly the Gamma core itself.”


The second scene gives you hints of a VR roller coaster experience, taking place in a virtual version of the redesigned ride’s launch tube, known as the Gamma accelerator. You appear to be harnessed into the coaster as it is launched, but then transition to a third scene “featuring a variety of 3D renderings of the coaster operating.”

From guests that tried the experience, many felt like it was a teaser and not an actual complete VR roller coaster ride.


When the experience was over, guests were ushered off stage while Universal Orlando consumer insight team members collected guest feedback. While it is unclear exactly what the VR experience is being tested for, sources familiar with the matter told Orlando Informer that this VR testing is for future additions to the parks.

As Six Flag Parks continue to roll out their own VR roller coaster rides, where actual riders wear a Gear VR at high-speeds, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Universal has their eyes set on their own version of immersive park rides.

Even if this Hulk VR experience never makes its public debut at the park, Universal Orlando has quite a few future additions slated that could be huge opportunities for VR attractions, including Fast & Furious at Universal Studios Florida and a partnership with Nintendo at Universal Orlando planned at a later date.

Hulk’s virtual reality testing runs for an undisclosed period of time and is handicap accessible. Interested guests should look for a Team Member outside of Toon Lagoon Amphitheater for additional instruction.

Image Credit: Universal Orlando

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