Unity’s Answer to Unreal’s VR Editor [DEMO]

Unity’s principal designer, Timoni West, took the stage at the Vision VR/AR Summit to show a preview of their latest developer tool, Scene VR, to build games inside of VR. Just last week, Epic Games revealed their VR editor for Unreal Engine 4.

In front of a crowd of 1,400 VR and AR developers at the Lowe’s Hotel in Hollywood, CA, West donned an Oculus Rift with Touch controllers in hand.

She starts off the demo by just simply adding a sofa within the virtual reality scene. Using the Touch controllers, West shows us how she can interact with interface elements, access assets, and modify objects by just moving, dropping, or stretching them with her hand controllers.

At one point, West adds some artwork to the virtual scene and moves on to adding a giant whale within the environment as the crowds watches on in amusement.


The value of being able to build VR scenes while you are in VR is the ability to easily manipulate 3D objects and move them around more intuitively.

Although this demo is just a preview for now, Unity will continue to work on improving the experience and making it even more customizable – hoping soon that this makes its way into the hands of the individuals who will use it everyday – developers.

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Jonathan Nafarrete

Jonathan Nafarrete is the co-founder of VRScout.

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