Unity Reveals New VR Tools and Google Daydream Support

During the first-day of the Unite 2016 conference in Los Angeles Tuesday, Unity Technologies unveiled a number of new updates and features to help support VR and AR creators around the world developing interactive 3D, VR and AR experiences.


Aside from new tools and features to provide enhanced graphics and performance, Unity stepped in to preview a completely new video player that will make it easier to import and play 4k video and seamlessly-rendered 360 VR videos. With a growing amount of 360 video content becoming available and immersive video playback an increasingly more common scenario when developing in VR, a new video player like that demoed may be just what some developers have been looking for.


Unity also revealed the new version of its EditorVR authoring tool and confirmed it will be available sometime in December. Earlier this year, we got a first-hand look at EditorVR in action, with Timoni West showing off the ease of editing and creating in VR with the tool at the Vision VR/AR Summit. At launch, the package will be completely open-sourced and feature an open API to easily extend, adapt, and customize tooling to suit individual needs.


Also announced on stage, Google revealed Unity Daydream support, confirming that a native Unity integration, currently in technical preview, will arrive in Unity version 5.6. Google also announced that the Daydream Home storefront will feature the ability to promote deep-linked content for easier discovery of new apps and new experiences in the existing product. The Play Store will also be compatible with VR, allowing users to browse and buy right from within VR. Daydream will also support IAP at launch so premium and freemium developers can drive revenue from their Daydream experiences.

Unity also announced open beta for Unity Connect, the first-of-its-kind talent marketplace dedicated to Unity enthusiasts, game developers, and VR/AR creators. Featuring free portfolio tools and community network, Unity Connect helps developers showcase work and individual skills. Through posted Tasks, community members can either solicit qualified help to complete short-term projects or find opportunities to leverage skills to support project development while earning extra income. Recruiters can also post jobs and target a pool of highly-sought Unity talent. To access open beta, you can visit:

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