‘Unbinary’ Is A Hand-Painted VR Puzzle Adventure About A Sarcastic A.I.

Ludact’s physics-driven, comic book-inspired journey arrives March 26th on SteamVR headsets.

Arriving later this week on Steam Early Access, Unbinary is a futuristic VR adventure that will have you navigating a variety of physical and mental challenges in an effort to prepare a super-powered artificial intelligence for its role as leader of humankind.

Broken up into seven physics-driven levels, you’ll need to use all your brainpower to properly audit the sarcastic AI, affectionately referred to as “Webby,” as you participate in a series of increasingly difficult tests that will test you physically as well as psychologically.

Along the way, you’ll have access to three different embodiments which offer their own unique interactions while changing the overall look of the game itself. The further you progress into the dreamlike simulation the more you learn about the sarcastic A.I. and its intentions, unraveling a complex mystery that could ultimately decide the fate of humankind.

“The biases of society are everywhere. We tried to imagine how would it be a world as seen by a super AI modeled after all these biased datasets. What could happen there? We didn’t spare acid humor and a comic book art style, hand-drawn inside VR, to immerse players in this dystopic story. We want people to get first-person into Webby’s visions of the world, embarking into an adventure spiced with full-body gameplay, Quill-made art style, and revelations that will tease your thoughts,” said Egon Ribeiro of Ludact in an official release.

“Right now we’re going Early Access to get closer to our community and collect feedback that will be invaluable for our team to move forward with the game.”

Unbinary arrives March 26th on Steam Early Access with a full release planned for Fall on Oculus Quest/Quest 2 and PlayStation VR.

Be sure to check back for our full review coming later this week!

Image Credit: Ludact

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