Ubisoft Unveils VR Escape Game Based On Notre-Dame Fire

The game will serve as an official tie-in to an upcoming docudrama about the 2019 fire.

Critically-acclaimed video game studio Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Prince of Persia) this week announced a partnership with film production and distribution company Pathé to develop a new location-based VR escape game that has you playing the role of a Parisian firefighter battling the 2019 Notre-Dame fire. According to Variety, the multiplayer experience is roughly 1-hour long and includes a variety of puzzles to solve in cooperation with your teammates.

Coming this March, the interactive VR experience is an official tie-in to Notre-Dame on Fire, an upcoming IMAX-shot docudrama from French film director, screenwriter, and producer, Jean-Jacques Annaud, that covers the harrowing events that took place in Paris, France on April 15, 2019. Ubisoft’s VR game will put audiences in the boots of a Parisian firefighter as they work with other members of their brigade to help escape the fires unscathed.

“Like any escape game, it’s a question of puzzles and co-operating with your teammates,” said Deborah Papiernik, Ubisoft senior VP new business and strategic alliances, while speaking to Variety. “The idea is to make your way through the cathedral to find relics and to fight the fire, because you have to save Notre Dame [before the clock runs out].”

Image Credit: Ubisoft/Pathe

In order to have an interactive VR tie-in ready for the film’s premiere in March, the project’s creators turned to Ubisoft who, in 2019, released a free-to-play experience called Notre-Dame de Paris: Journey Back in Time. According to Variety, Ubisoft’s existing 3D model of the cathedral, as well as its wide network of location-based partners, made the company an obvious choice.

“He [Jean-Jacques Annaud] knew that we had a special attachment to Notre Dame,” said Deborah Papiernik, Ubisoft senior VP of new business and strategic alliances. “I guess that’s why he came to us. I don’t think he went to see [anyone else].”

Feature Image Credit: Ubisoft/Pathe

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