Ubisoft Announces ‘Fart-Smelling’ VR Tech for South Park Game

Meet the Nosulus Rift. This is not a joke. No, seriously…

Virtual reality is great for seeing and hearing new worlds and experiencing new adventures. But don’t you wish you could smell all those cool, new places you visit? Ubisoft definitely would as apparent by the announcement of their new smell-tech VR device, the Nosulus Rift. YES! I’m all in! There’s only one issue: It was built for the upcoming South Park game, South Park: The Fractured But Whole. This is a title where the main protagonist finds himself/herself blasting farts repeatedly as a form of combat. So take a wild guess what you’ll be smelling… Farts.. You’ll be smelling a whole bunch of nasty, grundle rumbles.


The device will make its debut in Cologne, Germany just in time for the infamous Gamescom event where a select bunch of lucky individuals will get the chance to huff some sweet, sweet air biscuits. So far we know the device will include an electronic system that connects via bluetooth as well as Nosulus Air Pump Burner® technology and dynamic, multicoloured LED lighting that’s activated by game actions and odour burners. The most interesting feature however is the two N-Fragrant® switchable scented capsules. These light aluminum pods disperse different scents depending on the game you’re currently playing. So for it’s debut why not launch it alongside a game based around farts?


No doubt the creative minds behind the upcoming game, Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park fame, had some hand in the conceptualization of this bizarre device. Who better to parody the Oculus Rift than the masters of parodies themselves? In all honesty though it’ll be interesting to see how far this device goes in terms of mainstream acceptance. Would it be THAT crazy if this new tech picks up momentum to become an integral part of future VR devices? Some of the best ideas started as gimmicks.

We’ll be sure to keep up to date on all the happenings around this incredibly fascinating monstrosity as we come closer to Gamescom 2016 which starts August 18th. In the mean time you can check out the hysterical promotional video here.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC December 6th.

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