Twitter Launches 360 Video Tweets for the NBA Finals

Twitter announced they will be sharing 360-degree video content on its platform just in time for the NBA finals. Partnering with the NBA and Samsung, Twitter will be giving fans an inside look at the games starting today with video content shot on the Samsung Gear 360 Camera.

Fans will be able to click and drag after clicking a link within a Twitter card to view the 360° video.

While the footage will not be live-streamed, you can expect to see a behind the scenes look at pre-game warm ups, hallway/tunnels right before the teams take the floor and post-game celebrations. Ladies, no word on the locker rooms. (:

The NBA has been experimenting in VR and 360 content since last year when it teamed up with NextVR to bring game highlights to the GearVR.  This is a great next step for them as they work towards making sports more immersive.

Gear 360 Video on Twitter

It’s unknown at this time when Twitter’s new feature will be available for public use, but in this rat race to own the 360 video space on social, we can only guess that it won’t be long. On Samsung’s side of the spectrum, it is also a big question mark as to when the Gear 360 camera will be available in the US, here’s where you can find them internationally in the meantime.

Correction: This article originally stated 360-degree video could be viewed from within Twitter’s app, which is not true. The video link takes you to a separate webpage with a VR viewer.

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