Twitch And EDM Stars To Compete In VR Tournament Of Upcoming VR MOBA ‘Cradle Of Sins’

Steve Aoki and xQc take on Headhunterz and Sodapoppin in this star-studded competition.

A handful of popular Twitch streamers and YouTubers are set to battle electronic dance musics biggest stars on November 11th as part of Beat & Battle, a brand new VR tournament centered around the upcoming VR multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Cradle of Sins VR.

Available soon in Early Access via SteamVR, Cradle of Sins pits two teams of three against one another in strategic first-person battles similar to that of popular MOBA games such as League of Legends or Dota 2. Throughout every match, each team must defend their Altar while simultaneously attacking their enemies structure using a variety of weapons such as swords, shields, crossbows, staffs, and special crystals.

Players will be able to choose from 10 characters at launch, each with their own unique pros and cons. Killing enemy players earns you additional gold, allowing you to buy better weapons and upgrades. You can also earn small amounts of passive income by simply playing the game.

Next weeks tournament will see eight teams of three fighting it out for a 1st place prize of $15,000 donated to a charity of their choice. 2nd place will receive $5,000 with an $3,000 going to third. 4th through 8th will receive an additional $400 each, all of which will be donated to charity.

Each team will consist of a unique combination of music artists and gaming personalities, ranging from big-name DJ’s such as Steve Aoki, Headhunterz, and Will Sparks to popular Twitch streamers and YouTubers like xQc, Sodapoppin, Yassuo, ProjectJamesify, and Loserfruit.

“With the world on lockdown thanks to the ongoing pandemic, U24 wants to bring the two most dynamic entertainment industries, gaming, and music, together to provide some hair-raising excitement” stated the company in an official release.

For a better understanding of the game check out this video featuring a previous tournament held this past February.

Cradle of Sins is scheduled to launch in Early Access before the end of the year via SteamVR. No word yet on pricing.

Tune in 11am PT / 2pm ET Wednesday, November 11th to catch the action live via Twitch. For more information on the Beat & Battle tournament, visit here.

Image Credit: U24

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