‘Twilight’ VR Ride Coming to Lionsgate Theme Park

The 237,000-square foot indoor theme park will be located in China.

Santa Monica-based film and TV studio, Lionsgate, is opening theme parks in South Korea and China. And of course it wouldn’t be a proper theme park now days unless there’s VR.

Dubbed Lionsgate Entertainment World, the themed parks are set to debut in the next couple years. As part of a push into location based entertainment internationally, the studio is hoping to grow the Lionsgate brand into a household name and boost film franchises with international audiences.

Next year, Lionsgate will be opening their first indoor theme park in Hengqin, China. According to the LA Times, the 237,000-square foot entertainment complex will feature a VR motorcycle simulation ride based on the Twilight vampire movies. While we know Jacob is a big fan of dirt bikes with Bella in tow, little is known about what visitors will actually be riding or experiencing.

While we can expect Hunger Games and Twilight to take center stage at the Chinese theme park, Lionsgate will also make use of VR for more obscure entertainment properties. Gods of Egypt, while a flop at the domestic box office, will take advantage of a larger international fan base and debut a VR ride of its own at the park.

In 2020, Lionsgate will followup their Chinese indoor theme park with an outdoor park in South Korea in the tourism hub of Jeju Island. The entertainment center will boast massive Hunger Games build outs as well as a horror-themed area with attractions based on Saw and Cabin in the Woods.

A rendering of Lionsgate Movie World, Lionsgate’s first full-scale outdoor theme park set to launch in 2020 in South Korea.

Large-scale location-based entertainment projects like this are a massive undertaking, but Lionsgate has already opened their first Hunger Games-themed land in Dubai’s new Motiongate park back in October. The Hollywood-inspired theme park features a Hunger Games roller coaster and 3D hovercraft simulator experience.

‘Hunger Games’ theme park in Dubai.

Lionsgate is no stranger to VR, having adapted a significant amount of movie releases into VR experiences and games. We’ve already seen VR experiences for films like InsurgentHunger GamesJohn WickNERVE, and Power Rangers. All we’re missing is a VR experience for Lionsgate’s film franchise Saw, but maybe they’re saving that one for a Halloween surprise.

Image Credit: Lionsgate / Motiongate Dubai

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