You Can Turn Any Tumblr Page Into a VR Art Gallery – Instantly

Browsing Tumblr will never be the same.

Tumblr is an incredibly interesting place full of incredibly interesting people. But sometimes browsing through those hundreds of thousands of Tumblr pages (If you browse that much get off the computer immediately) can get really monotonous really quick. That’s where TumbVR comes in.

Created in less than a day by programmer Thomas Balouet, TumbVR is a deceptively simple tool that instantly converts any Tumblr page (literally any Tumblr page) into a virtual reality art exhibit featuring the photos from that blog. It works using a combination of FrameVR and NodeJS to generate virtual reality content for Tumblr pages on not only compatible smartphone browsers, but Oculus as well. Users simply add the blog URL to the TumbVR app and voilà! The result is a museum-like exhibition room with marble flooring featuring the images on the page hung like paintings.

While the graphics or tracking isn’t groundbreaking, we recently covered a similar tool from Sketchfab for your Instagram photos, but the ability to generate VR content from a non-VR source is a crucial step towards the mainstream accessibility of this new technology. Plus now I finally have my own personal corgi art gallery!

Here’s a brief list of some cool Tumblr pages to try with TumbVR:



Film cameras and red glare on the edge of photos are in the trend these days. Lomography is the official Tumblr Home of Lomographic Society. Follow this blog to enjoy fresh lomography snapshots or submit your own works.

The World We Live In


Tons of amazing pictures that were taken by skillful photographers will help you to open your eyes and see the true beauty around. Blog is curated by India-based Karishma and USA-based Julie. These two women created this blog in 2009, so here you’ll find almost endless stream of eye-candy.

If You Leave (NSFW)


If You Leave is a huge collection of the works of over 250 different photographers. They capture beauty that is a silent idiom of faces, subjects, and landscapes and shows their true personal and intimate worlds inside.

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