How To Turn Your Instagram Account Into A VR Gallery

With one click you can turn any public Instagram account into a virtual museum.

For all you Instagram obsessed, your prayers of having your heavily VSCOed snapshots hang on the walls of the Louvre have finally been answered – in virtual reality that is.

The folks over at 3D-model platform Sketchfab have cooked up another delicious VR app called Instamuseum that will let you turn your Instagram photos into a virtual reality art gallery. Just type in your Instagram user name, or any public account for that matter, and with one click your most recent images populate a VR gallery that you can then share with friends.


The VRScout Louvre gallery.

There are four gallery options to choose from, including a standard white wall gallery, The Louvre, Wall and Cube. The app is hosted on Sketchfab’s site and does require you to setup an account, but the final output is pretty magical.

You can explore our 3D gallery of VR headset heavy Instagram images below.

Sketchfab has fostered an open culture for creators around the world to build on top of their platform. Instamuseum is the latest idea from developer Sylvain Zimmer who came to Sketchfab with the idea to automagically convert Instagram VR galleries into 3D environments. Zimmer, not a 3D artist himself, told us that Instamuseum began as a weekend project to explore “a way for everyone to create 3D content in one click”. He says a next logical step for Instamuseum would be to add additional social integrations like Twitter and Facebook, with photo captions eventually being pulled in and embedded in the 3D model as well.

The best part of this whole thing is the VR support. If you have a VR headset or Cardboard VR viewer, you can just click the VR button and enjoy your Instamuseum in full 3D VR. This also means that if you have a HTC Vive, you can actually walk around in your VR gallery and ponder why you used the Hefe filter when there were so many other choices.

We also created a Cube out of Kim Kardashian’s Instagram – maybe this is actually the best part of the whole thing.


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