True Crime App Lets You Explore Famous Crime Scenes Using AR Portals

Get up-close-and-personal with histories biggest mysteries.

True crime fans woke up to some exciting news this morning with Hollywood producer and broadcast journalist, Neil Mandt, announcing the launch of CrimeDoor, an educational content hub aimed specifically at the True crime community.

Composed of hundreds of real-life profiles featuring unbiased news, evidence, and key information on everything from missing persons reports and small town murders to notorious cases from across the world. This includes famous news articles, geological information, curated video content, and informative podcasts.

CrimeDoor also offers you the chance to navigate well-known crime scenes exactly how they were discovered by the police using AR portals. This includes famous incidences such as John Lennon, Nicole Brown Simpson, and JonBénet Ramsey. Local mysteries such as Rebecca Zahau and Carla Walker are also on the way, alongside an AR crime scene for Georgann Hawkins, the first victim of serial killer Ted Bundy.

“We aren’t celebrating killers, we are giving a voice to the victims. Our biggest focus is on unsolved murders and missing persons and by adding cases and content on a daily basis we hope to raise awareness and quite possibly justice for those who can no longer speak for themselves,” said Mandt. “We have created an easier way for True Crime enthusiasts to engage in their passion by bringing content into one centralized app. Through our groundbreaking AR technology, anyone can explore and experience crime scenes in a way that has never been possible.”  

CrimeDoor is available now via compatible iOS devices. An official Android release is also in the works. Individual portals can be purchased for $1.99 each. There’s also a monthly subscription plan offering access to all portals for $4.99 per month.

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