Tribeca Film Festival Announces 2019 AR/VR Program Schedule

Tribeca Immersive returns with an incredible lineup of AR and VR experiences.

Tribeca Film Festival, NYC’s annual independent film festival held in Lower Manhattan, has announced their Tribeca Immersive programming for 2019, revealing a stellar lineup of content that delves into all possibilities of storytelling through technology.

During the twelve-day festival, Tribeca Immersive will showcase over 30 different curated experiences–including AR and VR, 360 films, web projects, mobile apps, games, multi-media installations and multi-platform works–from storytellers all across the globe.

All projects during Tribeca Immersive must include some sort of interactive element and will be part of one of two premier programs during the festival.

The first program will be Tribeca’s Virtual Arcade or mobile and room-scale VR projects, which will include twenty-two VR and AR experiences, as well as five experiences that will be part of Storyscapes – Tribeca’s immersive competition.

One standout VR experience that will spark joy among dedicated Whovians is the BBC and Passion Animation Studios premier of Doctor Who: The Runaway, where they’l actually be able to stand inside of the TARDIS with the Doctor herself, Jodie Whittaker, and see what it’s really like to travel through time and relative dimensions in space.

Image Credit: Tribeca Film Festival

On top of that, the festival will also be premiering Future Dreaming (created by Sutu), a VR experience inspired by the ancient Australian Aboriginal practice of Dreamtime; A Drop in the Ocean (created by Adam May, Chris Campkin, Chris Parks with key collaborators Philippe Cousteau, Ashlan Cousteau, Vision3, Conservation International) where you go on a social VR journey to discover a miniature universe that impacts the ocean food chain; as well as many other equally fascinating immersive experiences.

The entire Virtual Arcade schedule can be found here.

The second part of Tribeca Immersive is the return of Cinema360 (for mobile VR projects) which will show twelve immersive films that push you to discover new perspectives through 12 extraordinary immersive films delivered through a 360-mobile headset.

One film, entitled 12 Seconds of Gunfire: The True Story of a School Shooting by Suzette Moyer and Seth Blanchard, takes you on a compelling journey as you follow a first-grade girl as she confronts the trauma and loss of her friend after a school shooting.

The Thirteenth Doctor / Image Credit:

There is also the film Girl Icon by Sadah Espil Proctor, which highlights the lack of educational options for over 130 million girls across the world. The director introduces you to one forceful girl who faced this challenge and changed her own path through the inspiration of Malala Yousafzai.

Of course, there are many other amazing and compelling stories that are part of Cinema360’s incredible schedule, which can all be found here.

Past Tribeca Immersive highlights include Laurie Anderson’s Chalkroom, an absolutely breathtaking VR experience and winner of Best VR Experience for the 74th Venice International Film Festival; and Invasion! from Baobab Studios, an Emmy award-winning 3D animated short that changed the way storytellers approach 3D animated VR entertainment.

Girl Icon / Image Credit: Tribeca Film Festival

Based on this 2019 schedule, Tribeca has once again secured an influential line-up of groundbreaking content that pushes the realms of immersive storytelling into uncharted territories.

The entire Tribeca Immersive program will run for the duration of the Tribeca Film Festival April 24 to May 5. Tickets, passes, and packages can be purchases online or by phone.

The Tribeca Film Festival is presented in partnership with AT&T.

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