Tribeca Film Fest Showcasing Oculus VR For Good Films

Oculus doubles-down on Creators Lab program as multiple projects make it into Tribeca.

Facebook’s Oculus has made a serious habit out of helping amateur VR entrepreneurs make their collective dreams come true. The company has spearheaded several social initiatives, but none have been more impactful than the generous VR for Good program which has supported the VR community with a wide variety of services and competitions.

One such initiative, Creators Lab, is a bold undertaking dedicated to pairing aspiring filmmakers with nonprofits to bring social awareness via VR stories. The result was a flood of these important VR docu-stories taking over the prestigious 2016 Sundance Film Festival, and now the upcoming 2017 Tribeca Film Fest.

The ninth project to come out of the Oculus VR for Good Creators Lab, Step into Line is a VR documentary that portrays the life-altering hardships that come from not only serving time, but eventually transitioning to life on the outside. Another creative Oculus-sponsored film making its Tribeca debut is the genre-bending ghost story anthology film, Talking with Ghosts. Premiering at Tribeca April 21st, Talking with Ghosts is a compilation film from Oculus Story Studio that features 4 unique ghost stories painted entirely in VR by artists using Quill.

Despite all the film festival success however, Oculus still isn’t 100% satisfied with the level of impact its campaign is having. Therefore the organization has announced plans to not only continue their VR for Good program with Creators Lab 2017, but increase their financial backing of Creators Lab filmmakers in their continued effort to bring awareness to social causes using virtual reality. With a plethora of stellar VR projects already in the festival circuit, it’ll be exciting to see just how many projects we’ll see on the lineup next year.  

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