Tribe XR Launches Their First Live DJ Classes In VR

Learn the art of mixing beats in the worlds first ever live DJ class in VR.

Imagine someone came up to you and asked you to jump on the 1’s and 2’s and lay down a fat beat. Would you know exactly what that means? People familiar with a mixer and CDJ may be able to the challenge, but the average person? Not so much.

Tribe XR’s DJ School is the first VR experience designed to teach you everything from beat-matching, phasing, and EQ’ing, to effects, transitions, and the differences between Ramp, Mountain, and Wave playlist structures; all the necessary skills for mixing killer beats and putting on a great show.

On top of being able to connect with other aspiring DJ’s in a fully immersive digital environment that lets you practice on state-of-the-art virtual CDJ’s (turntables) and a 4-channel mixer that would have most DJ’s drooling with equipment envy – you’ll have access to free pre-recorded tutorials from one of the best DJ mentors out there, DJ Ellaskins, a well-known YouTuber with almost 78 million views and over 192K subscribers.

Your virtual CDJ comes pre-loaded with a good number of booty shakin’ tracks for you to experiment with, but you’ll also be able to personalize your VR practice space by injecting your own beats into to the virtual environment, giving you a personalized, hands-on learning experience without having to leave your home or even invest in expensive DJ gear.

The most effective learning processes are those that allow you to review what you’ve done in order to learn from your mistakes and find a better approach in the process. DJ School lets you record your VR practice session using OBS (free screen capture software) so you can watch your movements, analyze the beats you’re making, and see where you could tighten up your performance.

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Because DJ School is a multiplayer VR experience, you are able to invite your friends to join you as you rehearse, allowing others to weigh in on your performance with compliments and constructive feedback.

If you’re looking for something more than pre-recorded tutorials or friendly advice, Tribe XR has partnered with Pyramind Music School to give you access to one-to-one live DJ lessons with a trained professional at $80.00 per hour.

Sign up is incredibly easy. Just log into the system, enter your information, choose an empty time slot, and before you know it you’ll find yourself in the virtual booth with a highly trained mentor ready to give you personalized instruction in real-time.

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Any veteran DJ will tell you, spinning isn’t just playing songs one after the other and sporadically blasting an air horn; and it most definitely isn’t a skill one can master overnight. It’s a modern day form of art that requires a lot of time, huge amounts of energy, and a serious level of dedication to succeed in. While to the untrained eye it may appear as though not much is happening in the booth, a skilled DJ is constantly active behind the decks, queing new tracks, reading audio waveforms for similar beat structures, transitioning between songs using loops for the many different EQ options, and possibly more depending on their individual setup.

DJ Jennifer Haley, a DJ who cut her teeth in the Chicago house music and break beat scene, talked about how important having a mentor can be as an amateur. I had a mentor starting out who really helped me. I was able to observe and learn a lot. Just by sitting back and watching him, I felt that I was able to master the drama of changing sound.”

When asked about the idea of using VR as a way to master spin skills, Coleman thought Tribe XR’s DJ School was a fantastic platform. “Using VR and allowing you the ability to connect with other passionate musicians on a global platform is really cool and it’s an extremely effective way to get close up.”

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There is also Tribe XR’s Discord channel, an online community designed to share ideas with other music enthusiast, promote music streams, and stay involved with the creators of DJ School to help build new features that could help make their virtual platform better.

Once you’ve mastered your DJ skills, you can either take your new skills to da club, or reach out to Tribe XR and broadcast your session directly to their Twitch page.

Tribe XR’s DJ School is available now in the Viveport store for $19.99.

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