New Trailer For Oculus Quest VR Game ‘Shadow Point’ Shows Reality Warping Gameplay

Bend reality to solve a 12-year old mystery later this Spring. 

Two weeks ago, Oculus revealed a brand new mystery puzzle game for the Oculus Quest. Entitled Shadow Point, the experience tasks players with uncovering the 12-year mystery of missing schoolgirl Lorna McCabe by solving a series of reality-warping objectives that will have them teleporting through space and possibly time. Featuring the silky voice of Sir Patrick Stewart, aka Gurney Halleck (you thought I was going to say Picard, didn’t you), the content shown far points towards a riveting and emotional narrative VR experience.

Earlier this week, developer Coatsink dropped Shadow Point’s first proper trailer, showcasing an elaborate world prime for exploration and discovery. The trailer, narrated by the always-enchanting Patrick Stewart, showcases just a handful of the 80 mind-bending puzzles and obstacles in which the player will face during the full game; this includes playing with shadows to activate devices, manipulating objects into new shapes using special tools, and even some form of portal travel.

Teleportation for Dummies ©. / Image Credit: Coatsink

The most notable aspect of the game is the apparent use of non-euclidean techniques designed to instantly transport players to new locations based on their in-game perspective. For example, during one portion of the video, the player leans into a well to fetch a key located at the bottom. Upon lifting their head out of the well, they find themselves standing in an entirely new locale. It appears as though the player will have at least some control over the mind-bending effect via a peculiar oval-shaped device, which they can drop other their heads like a hula-hoop to teleport.

Who new shadows would be so important in a game called Shadow Point. / Image Credit: Coatsink

Shadow Point will be available on both the Oculus Quest standalone headset and the Oculus Rift this Spring and will feature full 6DoF functionality alongside dual control tracking and teleportation capabilities.

No word yet on an official price. 

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