Track & Hunt Big Trophy Animals In This VR Hunting Simulator

Explore an open hunting ground filled with various wildlife using a variety of real-world weapons and essential equipment.

Arriving next year on PC VR headsets, Virtual Hunter is an upcoming VR FPS that will have you exploring the wilderness in search of various wildlife to hunt. Using a variety of real-world weapons and essential equipment, you’ll track both big game and smaller animals, each of which featuring its own unique behaviors.

The game will feature two species of animal to hunt at launch: red deer and European hare. Big trophy animals like the red deer are tougher to bring down than smaller animals like the European hare due to their improved senses but ultimately offer a more satisfying hunt. You’ll need to tread carefully, however; these virtual creatures can smell you coming from a mile away. Thankfully, you’ll have access to a range of essential equipment to help aid you in your hunt, including hunting towers.

You’ll have a variety of weaponry to utilize during your expeditions, such as the hunting bow and rifle. The ladder features a unique weapon stabilization system that promises more comfortable long-range shooting. Hitting animals in a specific spot will bring them down faster, which means less work for you in the long run. The type of weapon and ammo you use will also play a factor in your success.

“The current version has one mostly finished 4x4km open map with two animal species: red deer and European hare,” says developer Virtual Hunter on the games’ official Steam page. “Both have unique behavior, custom models, hunting mechanics, rare fur types and red deer has multiple sets of antlers. The game has three different weapons with different ammo / arrow types, several hunting items and unlockable trophy statues. Extensive tutorial, shooting range and archery range are also included.”

The company aims to launch Virtual Hunter on PC VR headsets via SteamVR in 2022. Moving forward, the company plans on introducing additional animals, weapons, items, and features.

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