Tour This Famed Fashion Photography Studio in VR

Omelet and Smashbox Cosmetics invite you to go on a virtual tour of their fashion photography studio and check out some products while you’re there.

You’re on set during a fashion shoot with models strewn on top of a convertible blasted with giant red lips. Now you’re transported to a conveyor belt catwalk with flashing cameras hitting from all sides. Finally you arrive in a stark white studio while bright colored paint is launched at the walls — slowly revealing the Smashbox logo.


This is the latest 360° virtual reality tour of Smashbox Studios, the premier photo studio in Los Angeles that gave birth to the Smashbox Cosmetics brand. The cosmetics company partnered up with LA-based creative agency, Omelet, in collaboration with VR production studio GenPop, to kick off their collaboration with an immersive video, giving you a glimpse into the cosmetic brand’s origins, products and technology.

The 360° video tour was shot on location at Smashbox Studios in Culver City, offering you an energetic look at key features and details of the studio’s facility space. This behind-the-scenes peek into the famous fashion photography studio is one you’ll want to look around in, immersing yourself in a space that many photographers would love to work out of, even for just a few hours.

While Smashbox Studios and Omelet utilized 360 video shot with multiple RED Epic cameras to capture a sweeping look of the studio in a unique way, they also smartly integrated the brand’s history and products in as well. The 360° tour features three behind-the-scenes photo shoots designed to celebrate what goes into creating the beauty brand and showcase the cosmetic brand’s new and one-of-a-kind lighting technology.


“From a world renowned photo studio to a best-selling cosmetics brand, Smashbox clearly isn’t a company that’s interested in staying inside the box. Fortunately, neither is Omelet,” says Ricardo Diaz, Omelet’s Executive Digital Director. “The brand and the people within it are truly a creative force and our goal with this 360° VR tour was to invite fans into the famous Smashbox Studios for the chance to see how multifaceted the company is. We’re proud to be part of that process and look forward to what the future holds for our partnership.”


Smashbox Cosmetics was launched in 1996 out of Smashbox Studios’ need for dependable, long-lasting makeup for photo shoots. From their unique insight into the industry, Smashbox launched the full-fledged cosmetics company that we now see today. The VR tour is launching in coordination with the new Smashbox Cosmetics website, which invites fans to take a deep dive into the brand’s conception.

The video is now available on 360-enabled platforms like YouTube and will be coming soon to Facebook.

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