Top 5 VR Sports Games On The Meta Quest 2

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One of the best parts of VR technology is its ability to get you up and off the couch. In addition to first-person shooter games and fitness apps, Meta’s Quest 2 VR headset features a growing catalog of sports games that take full advantage of the Touch motion controllers to immerse users in a variety of unique competitive environments.

From realistic VR mountain-climbing simulators to hyper-colored archery soccer games, the following are five must-play VR sports games available now on the Meta Quest 2:


Despite having launched only a few days ago, Normal’s over-to-top VR archery soccer game NOCK has already drawn major attention from the community thanks to its unique visuals and refreshing gameplay mechanics.

Similar to the popular 2D vehicular soccer game Rocket League, NOCK has you working together with two other teammates to knock (get it?) a giant soccer ball into the opposing team’s net. Instead of rocket-powered cars, however, players use a bow and arrow to ricochet the ball around the map.

Don’t let the simplistic controls fool you, NOCK requires a surprising amount of strategy and teamwork. Voice chat allows you to coordinate with teammates throughout the match. There are even defensive arrows that allow you to trigger temporary barriers across the map.

NOCK is available for $9.99 via the Quest Store.


Just over a year ago, I said The Climb 2 was my favorite VR fitness app on Quest. Fast forward to 2022 and my opinion hasn’t changed much. The Climb 2 is not only one of the most visually-impressive VR games I’ve played on Quest but one of the most physically engaging.

The 2021 rock climbing simulator has you traversing five real-world locations, each of which features its own unique challenges to overcome. As you climb you’ll unlock new apparel such as climbing gloves and watches. Just keep a lookout for environmental hazards like unstable ledges and deadly rattlesnakes.

The Climb 2 is available for $29.99 via the Quest Store.


Very few VR games have managed to draw my attention quite like Walkabout Mini Golf. From the expertly-crafted physics to the unique course designs, developer Mighty Coconut’s VR mini golf simulator is an insanely good time, regardless of your skill level.

The game launched with a whopping 70 holes to conquer and has since expanded its catalog with several paid DLC releases, including the gorgeous Shangri-La and delicious-looking Sweetopia, with more arriving on a regular basis. Each hole features a hidden golf ball to discover.

You can play alone and putt at your own pace, or meet up with friends and compete head-to-head throughout your favorite courses.

Walkabout Mini Golf is available for $14.99 via the Quest Store.


I’d like to start off by saying that I’m a terrible bowler. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you I have little to no skills when it comes to knocking down pins. That said, ForeVR Bowl does a phenomenal job at making me feel like I’m not the worst bowler on the west coast.

This colorful arcade experience features a variety of over-the-top environments in which to bowl, from a classic bowling alley to the lunar surface. As you bowl you’ll unlock credits that can be spent on over 100 bowling balls, each with its own unique weight and spin. You can perform trick shots, unlock dance moves, and create music using the glitter ball.

ForeVR Bowl is available for $19.99 via the Quest Store.


There’s a severe lack of extreme sports games on VR headsets at the moment. Thankfully we have Carve Snowboarding to help scratch that itch. Developed by Chuhai Labs, this fast-paced snowboarding experience features a mountains-worth of Freestyle and Time Attack challenges to complete.

Unique VR snowboarding mechanics allow you to perform a variety of tricks and spins with little to no motion sickness. As you complete challenges you’ll unlock new boards to use, gloves to wear, and mixtapes to enjoy.

The game was developed in collaboration with Giles Goddard, the same mind behind the Nintendo 64 classic 1080° Snowboarding, so you know you’re in for a quality arcade snowboarding experience.

Carve Snowboarding is available for $19.99 via the Quest Store.

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