Top 5 Samsung Milk VR Videos of 2015


It has been just over a year since Samsung released the first Innovator Edition of the Gear VR headset to consumers. And along with that launch, Samsung has seen no shortage in the amount of 360-degree videos made available to users through their Milk VR platform.

2015 was an amazing year of virtual reality creation and experimentation. All the progress of creators can be seen through the diverse mix of content available on Milk VR, now housing more than 400 videos from some of the top brands and entertainment companies in the world.

So as we begin to usher in an even bigger year for virtual reality in 2016, we thought it would be a great idea to speak with some folks over at Samsung and find out, which content was the most viewed on Milk VR in the year of 2015.


#5 – GONE Episode 1: Pilgrim

(Samsung, Skybound Entertainment and Wevr)

The first episode of the original thriller quickly shot to number 5, following its launch on December 8. Join Meredith, Emilia’s mother, for a familiar day at the playground. The day takes an unfortunate turn when Emilia disappears in plain sight. Viewers can look around and find important clues that point to what conspired.

#4 – Start Here: GONE Tutorial

(Samsung, Skybound Entertainment and Wevr)

The GONE tutorial introduces viewers to Samsung Milk VR’s new “exploratory video” technology: learn how to investigate the world of GONE. The tutorial debuted alongside episode one on December 8 and is the first chance to meet Emilia, a young, curious soul who may always be just out of reach.

Martian Samsung Gear VR Experience
#3 – The Martian VR Experience

(20th Century Fox Innovation Lab, MPC)

With its debut timed to the launch of the new Samsung Gear VR on November 20, The Martian VR Experience ushers in a brand-new era of immersive entertainment with this exclusive sneak peek. This thrilling preview allows you to fly onto the surface of Mars and experience key scenes from the upcoming adventure in a 360-degree virtual reality environment.

The Dive Samsung Gear VR

#2 – The Dive

(Samsung Australia, Rapid VR)

Slip beneath the waves of the Pacific Ocean off the coasts of Australia and come face to face with the ocean’s most feared predator – the Great White Shark.

And the number one most popular piece of content on Samsung Milk VR in 2015 goes to…

Dew Samsung Gear VR
#1 – Dew VR Snow

(Mountain Dew, Firstborn)

A live-action snowboarding virtual reality experience takes fans on a 360-degree adventure through the Utah backcountry with Olympic snowboarders Danny Davis and Scotty Lago.

Let us know on Twitter or Facebook, what were your favorite 360-degree videos of 2015?

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