Tips & Tricks For Playing ‘STRIDE’ On Oculus Quest

Dominate the rooftops with these useful tips & tricks for Joy Way’s action-packed VR parkour game.

Available now on Oculus Quest & Oculus Quest 2, STRIDE is a fast-paced VR arcade action game that has you scaling vertigo-inducing rooftops while battling endless waves of faceless enemies using a combination of brutal gunplay and vicious hand-to-hand combat.

With its official launch on Oculus Quest headsets, developer Joy Way has introduced a generous amount of improvements to the game, from improved enemy AI and new interactive elements to a reworked tutorial designed to better assist those new to VR.

Add on to that new difficulty levels and sections to Endless mode, three new powerups for both Endless and Arena modes, and a new enemy type for Endless mode: the battle drone.

It can be a lot to take in at first. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Whether you’re brand new to the game or an experienced free runner looking for an additional edge, here are a few tips & tricks for dominating the rooftops.


STRIDE features unique locomotion mechanics that will have you running, jumping, and vaulting your way through a complex network of monochromatic rooftops. Juggling these controls can be confusing at first, which is why the brief—but thorough—in-game tutorial is so useful.

Remember, you can revisit each part of the tutorial any time you’d like, so make sure to familiarize yourself with these intuitive controls so you don’t find yourself in a bind while running from the abyss in Endless mode or taking on assignments in Arena mode. If you’re looking for some additional practice time, head to Arena mode and turn on the “No Timer” modifier to freely traverse a spacious city arena while completing a variety of missions.


STRIDE on Oculus Quest introduces three new power-ups designed to give you an edge in Arena and Endless modes. Each of these items features its own unique buff, from additional health to more powerful weaponry.

  • Damange Absorb: Become temporarily impurvious to enemy attacks.
  • Full Auto: Unleash hell on your enemies with a fully automatic handgun.
  • Health Pack: Add a single life to your health bar whenever you pick up one of these life-saving packages.
  • Laser Sight: Take down your enemies with precision using this useful handgun attachment.

It can be easy to forget about powerups in the heat of combat, but these unique items can oftentimes mean the difference between a failed or successful mission, so be sure to keep a lookout while on the streets. I especially like the laser sight as it allows you to more easily run and gun your way through enemies.


From the precarious rooftop gunfights to the fast-paced parkour, STRIDE is nothing if not chaotic. The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, use the slow-mo feature to bring time to a near standstill. This can be a great tool for determining your next route or lining up a headshot.

Try not to forget about this super useful feature in the heat of the moment. It can be a literal lifesaver whenever you find yourself in a sticky situation, whether it be a mistimed jump or an overwhelming gunfight. Remember, your slow-mo ability regenerates automatically over time. So don’t be shy, slap that B button.


Endless mode offers an ever-changing gauntlet of enemies and obstacles to overcome. This includes an endless fleet of autonomous drones tasked with dropping a variety of deadly traps in your way.

If you’re quick enough on the trigger, you can actually shoot down these drones before they’re able to deliver their payloads, clearing your path and potentially saving you crucial seconds in the process. You’ll need to move quickly, however, so you’ll want to make liberal use of your slow-mo ability.

STRIDE is available for $14.99 on Oculus Quest.

Feature Image Credit: Joy Way

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