Tinder Takes Jab at Virtual Reality With Bizarre CES 2017 Headset

Tinder jumped in on the virtual reality theme that dominated much of CES 2017 this year with a headset that defeats the entire purpose of VR.

The headset, called Tinder VR, could be worn by two people at the company’s CES booth and only allows them to stare into each other’s eyes. Tinder’s headset features absolutely no VR technology and is evidently a joke.

Tinder VR CES 2017

In a blog post, the popular dating app called VR the “antithesis” of people having “real experiences in the real world.”

“Our mission has always been to get people together to have real experiences in the real world,” Tinder wrote. “… Welcome to the future. It’s all about human connection. Give it a try — you might enjoy it.”

What’s clear is that Tinder doesn’t seem to think its dating ecosystem has a place in VR. But as VR technology becomes more common, the company may end up drawn to the tech out of necessity.

And as Fortune’s Andy Schroepfer notes, VR “could radically change dating,” particularly for the elderly.

“It could mean a redefinition of aging as a newly productive and social time for old folks who perhaps can no longer get out as easily or as often,” Schroepfer wrote. “… That old couple that you smile at as they take a stroll in the park? In 50 years they might be walking through a re-creation of the halls of their old high school.”

You can watch a promo video for Tinder VR below.

Image Credit: Tinder

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