Tilt Brush Introduces New Brushes and Tools

The VR painting tool just got even better.

Part of what keeps us coming back to Tilt Brush all the time is seeing what others are able to do with the 3D painting tool. While it can be as simple as choosing from a variety of brushes, colors, and effects to begin painting, we constantly pull daily inspiration from artists who create stunning works of art from all over the world.

We’ve seen an artist bring his work to life as a sculpture, a painter celebrate the NBA Finals in intricate detail, and even a group of painters remix hot dog art. There is limitless potential to what you can create when painting in a 3D space.

So whether you’re just learning to paint in VR or you’re the next Van Gogh taking your masterpiece game to the next level, there’s something for everyone in this latest update.

To start off, today’s Tilt Brush update includes 12 new brushes that let you create different textures, but more importantly, volumes as well. Brushes include names like Shiny Hull, Matte Hull, Unlit Hull, Diamond, Cel Vinyl, Comet, Icing, Lofted, Dr. Wigglez, Spikes, Petals, and Wet Paint. For example, the Hull Brush allows you to easily paint 3D objects just by moving your controller.

Example strokes of the 12 new brushes.

Character concept created by Jeremy Cowles using Matte Hull and the Spike Brushes.

The are also some minor layout changes. The team has made it easier for everyone to get started with Tilt Brush, creating a Beginner and Advanced Mode. Now, when you first launch the app, you’ll start with the core feature set. When you’re ready for the next level, you can press the Advanced Mode button to access some additional features.

For many of us who paint more elaborate landscapes and art pieces, Tilt Brush also added a couple tools that will make life that much easier.

The Pin Tool lets you quickly lock your objects in place. When you pin objects in place, they are un-selectable, making it easier to manipulate the scene around them.

Pinning trees in a dense forest scene.

Tilt Brush has also added new selection features to save you time when editing sketches. You can now select all items in a sketch as well as invert selections that you’ve made.

Select All and Invert Selection Tools.

And last but not least, the new update helps quickly edit iterations of your sketch when you’re in your creative flow. You can now quickly undo or redo many brush actions by holding the controller button until the scene gets back to the way you want it.

Once you’re all done, don’t forget to share your beautiful piece. Tilt Brush also has improved integration with Poly, allowing your Tilt Brush environments to show up in your uploaded sketches.

Usually one of the first apps that you introduce new users to VR, Tilt Brush is a tool that never seems to get old. Over the years, the Tilt Brush team has pleasantly surprised us with new features that constantly inspires creation within the medium. So you can expect us to take full advantage of this update for many more long nights in VR.

Image Credit: Tilt Brush

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