Tilt Brush Launches New Audio Reactive Brushes

Now you can watch your Tilt Brush creations come to life while dancing to a beat.

Tilt Brush by Google just got a major update Tuesday, introducing what they are calling “audio reactive brushes” to the HTC Vive app. The update lets you listen to your favorite audio tracks and create your own VR music visualizer out of brush strokes.

The introduction of audio reactive brushes is an exciting addition, elevating the app to another level. Just play audio (any song or sound) on your computer from any source, enable Audio Reactive Mode, and watch your sketches come to life with strokes that bounce, sway, move and pulse to the beat.

After updating Tilt Brush, you’ll now see an “Audio Reactor” feature that can be selected below the brushes. Tilt Brush will then listen for system audio and once found, activate the audio reactive brushes. 15 new brushes have been added that now live on three panels.


Some of the audio reactive brushes are quite beautiful, with names like Dots, Chromatic Wave, Light Wire, Hyper Grid, Disco, and Neon Pulse — you just have to see them in action for yourself (video trailer here). Brushes that react to audio are indicated with a circular icon.


Probably the first Vive experience we show anyone new to VR, Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with life-size brush strokes, stars, light and even fire all within VR. Its an impressive app and the intuitive interface makes it a perfect experience for everyone of all ages. The creative freedom is nearly boundless and because you’re in a 3D space, you can walk into and around your creations, making art experiential. Now adding music to the mix, its like discovering Tilt Brush all over again.


On top of today’s addition of “Audio Reactor,” the Tilt Brush update also includes the following:

  • New video capture feature (through “Cameras” tool)
  • Streamlined panels down to three
  • New “Sketchbook” panel, located below Tools
  • New “Tips ‘N Tricks” tutorial section
  • Export supports textured FBX files
  • Various bug fixes, UX improvements, etc.

It’s only been a couple months since the last major update, which included features like a Teleport Tool, 5-second gif mode, MulitCam, and an export button that auto-generated .fbx files.

If you happen to be in the area for VRLA this weekend and plan on attending the official after party we are hosting Saturday night, we’ve partnered up with Google VR and The Wave to give everyone a taste of what DJing and live-painting in Tilt Brush on stage in VR looks like.

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