Tilt Brush Adds Rotate, Resize, Import of 3D Models and Pictionary

Put away that ladder and get ready for this new game twist on an old favorite in VR.

Tilt Brush by Google for the HTC Vive continues to be one of the most powerful creator tools available for VR consumers today. We’ve seen the community create everything from marriage proposals to music videos. We’ve even featured it ourselves during VRScout events, getting Tilt Brush into the hands of the creative community and letting artists, fashion designers and musicians create VR performance art experiences in front of a live audience.

For Tilt Brush, continuing to support the creative community has always been a top priority, and they’ve always surprised of with new updates to keep us coming back to app.

So today, Tilt Brush has brought us a bevy of new updates, many of which we’ve heard creators requesting for quite awhile.

Rotate and resize: You can now scale, rotate, or translate your sketches by holding down the grip buttons on both controllers. This feature enables you to make sketches that are huge in scale and to view sketches of any size, no matter what your room bounds are. No longer will you need to bust out that ladder to stretch the canvas to new heights.


3D model import: You can now add 3D models directly into your Tilt Brush sketches. Just add an .obj to your Documents/Tilt Brush/Media Library/Models folder, and you’ll be able to import that model into your Tilt Brush sketch through the new “Media Library” panel. This is going to add a whole new element for creators that we can’t wait to see what you dream up.

High resolution snapshot mode: Now snapshots taken inside Tilt Brush have the option to output at 6x the default resolution (11,880 x 6,588 vs. 1980 x 1098). Instructions for how to setup the config can be found here.


Tiltasaurus: Even though they couldn’t use the name, you know what this is — Pictionary. Remember that time we hosted Pictionary Tilt Brush nights at the office? Well this is going to make it that much easier.

Tiltasaurus is a word guessing game that lets you play with your friends even if you only have one headset between you. Tiltasaurus shows you a word to paint – while you draw, your friends guess the word by watching the desktop spectator cam. When your friend guesses the right answer, swap the headset!

And there is also one random bonus feature, don’t ask me why, but Tilt Brush has added controller swapping. Letting you quickly swap between left and right-handedness. Tap the bottoms of the controllers to each other at any time, and the palette and drawing controllers will switch hands.

Get downloading the update and send us your new creations and videos.

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Jonathan Nafarrete

Jonathan Nafarrete is the co-founder of VRScout.

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