This World War II VR Flight Sim Looks Incredibly Fun

Take to the skies in fast-paced multiplayer dogfights.

Aces of Thunder is an upcoming VR combat flight simulator for PlayStation VR2 headsets that immerses you in the role of an ace World War II pilot. The game is being developed by an in-house team from Gaijin Entertainment, the same studio behind the immensely-popular vehicular combat game War Thunder, so odds are we can expect a solid multiplayer experience.

According to the development team, Aces of Thunder takes place entirely from a cockpit view and offers you full control over each aircraft’s flight system. The game will supposedly feature a variety of online game modes to choose from, including team versus team and single duels with custom settings and more.

Upon purchase, you’ll receive access to all aircraft, including the American fighter P-51 Mustang and British Spitfire, as well as any future add-ons. You’ll also have the ability to customize your aircraft with various cosmetics so you can stand out from the pack.

Credit: Gaijin Entertainment

“Experience the thrill of aerial combat like never before with Aces of Thunder, the upcoming VR game made specifically with capabilities of PlayStation VR2 in mind,” said the company in a Facebook post. “The game’s physically accurate flight and damage models derived from the popular War Thunder military action game ensure that battles are immersive and believable.”

No word yet on an official release date. So far Gaijin Entertainment has only confirmed support for PlayStation VR2 headsets. For more information visit

Feature Image Credit: Gaijin Entertainment

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