Walkabout Mini Golf Is Evolving Into A Mini Golf Metaverse

A new starting area offers new ways to socialize with friends both on and off the green.

Originally released on Meta Quest VR headsets back in 2020, Walkabout Mini Golf has since received a number of major improvements, from new courses to expressive player avatars. Earlier today, developer Mighty Coconut released a new update for the game that introduces a number of interesting features, turning it from a simplistic mini golf simulator to a full-fledged social experience.

Available now on Meta Quest and PC VR headsets, the ‘Welcome Island’ update completely redesigns the main menu area, offering new activities to complete and locations to explore while you wait for friends to join your party. This includes everything from a driving range minigame and practice range to a lazy river ride and poolside hangout. There are also new vacation-themed clothing and accessories for your avatar.

Here’s everything you can expect from today’s update (as provided by Might Coconut):

  • Redesign of starting area
  • Driving range
  • New mute player option
  • Putting practice green with numbered flags
  • New avatar items
  • The ability to pick up and throw your ball
  • Raft ride tour
  • New game settings menu
  • General performance improvements
  • Wristwatch feature available at starting area

Along with improvements to gameplay and customization, today’s update further transforms Walkabout Mini Golf from a mini-golf simulator to a mini-golf metaverse by introducing new ways for players to interact both on and off the green. We’ve seen in the past how important social interactions can be to the success of modern VR games. Experiences like VRChat, Gorilla Tag, and Rec Room remain some of the most popular titles among users thanks to their focus on player socialization.

This combined with the numerous partnerships and DLC releases has cemented Walkabout Mini Golf as one of the most popular VR experiences currently available VR headsets. It’ll be exciting to see how these new social elements impact the future of this already-impressive VR game.

Walkabout Mini Golf is available for $14.99 on Meta Quest and PC VR headsets. The Welcome Island update is available now free to all users.

Image Credit: Mighty Coconut

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