This Unofficial Hogwarts Legacy VR Mod Looks Magical

“You’re a wizard, (insert name here).”

Warner Bros. Games’ highly-anticipated Hogwarts Legacy game hasn’t even been officially released yet and modders are already hard at work bringing the action-adventure RPG to life in 6DoF VR.

This week the popular VR modding community Flat2VR shared footage of a VR mod currently being developed using Praydog’s UE VR Injector Mod, which allows developers to implement VR support to a number of AAA games developed using Unreal Engine.

Throughout the nearly 10-minute video provided, we see a player navigate their way through the magical halls of Hogwarts Castle from a combination of first-person and third-person perspectives. As they explore, we see the walls of the castle come to life with animated portraits and various other magical happenings.

Toward the end of the video, the player attends Charms class and participates in a series of educational activities.

According to Flat2VR, the game does not feature support for motion controls at the moment, which means you’ll need to use a gamepad or mouse & keyboard in order to play. That said, I love the idea of using motion controls to cast spells or fly a magic broom.

No word yet on when we can expect the Hogwarts Legacy VR mod to drop, though according to Flat2VR we can expect something “soon.”

Feature Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games

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