This Magical VR Adventure Will Have You Exploring The Mysterious Cosmos

Search the cosmos and unlock mysteries that will open doors to even more mysteries.

Have you ever looked up towards the stars and wondered what it’s like to be a planet floating around in the cosmos? What happens when no one is looking? What celestial creatures come out during the twilight hours? Stargaze is a magical VR experience that answers all of those questions, while at the same time, opening the door to new questions.

Inspired by Little Prince, a tale about an interstellar traveler, Stargaze takes that idea of exploration and creates a fantastical interactive world to explore. Letting you search the galaxy above through a powerful telescope. Pushing buttons, turning knobs, and moving a lever with precision, this experience unlocks the quirky mysteries from the planets and stars above with your telescope.

Right from the beginning, Stargaze reminds me of Myst, the classic PC game where you explore a mysterious island to solve a series of odd puzzles, which leads you to unlocking more puzzles, and eventually completing the game. What’s different about Stargaze is that you’re not alone in your exploration. A narrator guides you through your cosmic journey, completely immersing you into a VR world that has a wonderful steampunk fantasy feel to it.

Created by the Poland based indie developers Played with Fire, Stargaze spares no details in gameplay. There is a quill pen on your desk that you can use to document every planetary detail you uncover. A camera attached to your telescope lets you take photos of your discoveries. Everything you find must be journaled as part of your Stargaze research.

What’s really fun about Stargaze is that you can just chill. There’s no time limit in the game or a rush to solve the ultimate cosmic mystery. You can just sit back and explore the galaxy through any point of view you’d like.

You’re in control! Take the time to move your telescope to find hidden items buried inside the planets or in the spaces between the stars. You never know what you might stumble upon. You may just find new species or a secret planet. Or maybe you’ll just find a little peace of mind.

Like Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s, Little Prince, Stargaze offers more than the gameplay that’s on the surface. If you dig deeper into the VR experience and dive through each wonderful interactive layer, you’ll find that Stargaze is really about self-awareness and gaining wisdom through exploration, which in turn is an absolutely wonderful gift for anyone who immerses themselves into this experience.

Stargaze will be available in Steam, Oculus, HTC Vive and PS VR and will be part of the 2020 PAXxEGX event taking place from September 12th to 20th, with the game launching immediately afterwards. In the meantime there’s a public demo available on Steam that you can download and start gazing now.

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