This Japanese VR Headset Is Meant To Be Used In Bed

Finally, a headset for us lazy VR users.

Japanese company Diver-X recently unveiled the HalfDive, a one-of-a-kind VR headset meant to be used in bed while laying down. The device employs a variety of features, including a unique 3D audio system, immersive haptic feedback, and a distinctive control system.

If you’ve ever watched the popular Japanese anime Sword Art Online, then HalfDive should look somewhat familiar. Players lay on their back and rest their heads on a padded base before strapping into the attached headset. HalfDive features a 134-degree field-of-view and a 3200×1440 resolution at 90Hz. Because you’re laying on your back, head movement is restricted, which explains the extremely limited 4.5 degrees of freedom.

Image Credit: Diver-X

In addition to the unique display, HalfDive includes a special audio system composed of four speakers scattered across the headset. For an extra sense of immersion, the headset also features a vibration feedback system capable of simulating everything from gunshots and footsteps to a variety of other environmental noises. There’s even wind feedback powered by two built-in fans.

As for controls, players interact with the in-game world using a pair of sensors mounted to the base of their feet. By adjusting the tilt of their ankles, they can control their avatar while laying down. Moving forward, Diver-X plans to incorporate support for hand controllers. The company also references a unique wire-based force feedback module capable of simulating resistance, though the information is scarce at the moment.At launch, HalfDive will be compatible with all SteamVR applications with support for lighthouse tracking.

Image Credit: Diver-X

Here’s a full breakdown of the specs (as provided by Diver-X):

  • Degrees of Freedom: 4.5dof
  • Optical system: Original optical system using 10 lenses. Varifocal feature supported.
  • Field of view: 134 degrees
  • Resolution: 1600 x 1440 pixels per eye (3200×1440 pixels combined)
  • Refresh rate: >=90hz
  • Dial styled IPD adjustment: 58-82mm
  • Audio: Immersive sound system using 4 speakers
  • Controller: Two hand/foot controllers
  • Tracking: Lighthouse supported / Avatar movement emulation system using foot controller
  • Camera: Keyboard overlay system
  • Interface: DisplayPort 1.2 / USB3.0 / 3.5mm audio jack / 12V power source / I2C (module connection)
  • Platform: All SteamVR application supported
  • SDK: Unity (features dedicated to VRChat) / Unreal Engine
Image Credit: Diver-X

An official Kickstarter for the headset will launch this November. The base model will cost around $700, followed by the full set for $1,100 and the varifocal lens model for $3,900.

For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Diver-X

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