This Humble Bundle VR Deal Is One Of The Biggest Ever

Pick up some of the best VR games on Steam for just $14.99.

[UPDATE 4.7.21] – We’ve been informed that the bundle does not include Arizona Sunshine as originally listed. Therefore we have removed it from the list.

Running now until April 21st, Humble Bundle’s ‘Spring Into VR’ bundle is your chance to own some of the best-reviewed SteamVR games currently available on PCVR headsets for a one-time fee of just $15.

For those unfamiliar with Humble Bundle, this online storefront offers a rotating collection of video games that can be purchased at a price determined by the customer. Those who choose to pay more than the minimum contribution can often times unlock more expensive games, though this isn’t required. Regardless of what tier you purchase, all proceeds are split between the game developers and a charity of your choice.

Image Credit: Humble Bundle

For just $15, the current VR-themed bundle offers access to the following games:

Image Credit: Humble Bundle

That’s $164 worth of AAA VR games for just $15; a pretty incredible deal, especially for those new to VR who’ve yet to experience some of the classics listed above. You can also pick up Detached by itself for just $1, but I’d recommend going for the full bundle. Hey, it’s for charity after all.

Those interested in picking up this limited-time bundle have until April 21st.

For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Humble Bundle

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