This Giant VR Bicycle Game Looks Like An Insanely Good Time

To bring the experience to life, QValem developed his own virtual race track and layered it over the real world.

In a Reddit post shared earlier this week, a developer going by the name of u/QValem showed off an experimental VR game for the Meta Quest 2 that has players navigating a virtual racetrack using an actual bicycle.

In the video provided, we see the developer riding a standard bicycle around a conventional race track while wearing a Quest 2 VR headset. As QValem physically moves throughout the real world, so too does his virtual counterpart in VR. A single Touch controller mounted to the handlebars is used to track the position of the bike in relation to the headset, allowing him to use his personal bike in the virtual world.

To bring the experience to life, QValem developed a 1:1 recreation of the track and layered it over the real world. He then deactivated the Quest’s guardian boundary feature, thereby allowing him to travel infinitely in any direction. To help spice things up, he included a handful of moving obstacles to avoid. The result is an ambitious VR cycling experience that’s unlike anything we’ve seen on the Meta Quest 2 so far.

Needless to say, this is an experimental project designed to test the limitations of the Quest 2. As such we shouldn’t expect a public release anytime soon. That said, the project succeeds in raising several interesting questions regarding large-scale VR experiences. Standalone functionality means devices such as the Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2 can be operated virtually anywhere at any time, opening the doors to even more possibilities for VR entertainment.

If you’re curious to learn more about how the project came to be, check out this hilarious video explaining the creation process. Here you’ll find an entire catalog of entertaining videos, many of which centered around VR technology.

Image Credit: u/QValem

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