This Futuristic VR Facemask Tracks Your Expressions

The low-cost device will be available for purchase in the US and Japan later this year.

Say hello to X Mask, a new device described by the manufacturer as a “mask type sensing gadget.” Developed by Japanese startup Dolami, X Mask is capable of tracking your facial expressions in detail thanks to a series of incorporated sensors placed strategically across your face. These sensors are internal; they do not affect your facial skin.

According to Dolami, the device can transmit your expressions to a VR avatar with “over 95% accuracy.” X Mask features a delay speed of 200 milliseconds and takes less than five seconds to pair with a VR headset. The device will cost $90 USD, making it an affordable as well as a convenient option for those looking to enhance their virtual interactions without breaking the bank.

“Your facial expressions are available in VR on your avatar,” says the official website. “You can communicate your emotions, passions, and silent opinions to others just as you would in reality.”

“[X Mask] can be used in any case where communication is needed in the VR world. Business meetings, business negotiations, presentations, enterprise events, talking with friends, communicating with loved ones who live far away, etc.”

Last month the company announced that it had raised around 100 million yen ($730,000 USD) in funding to begin production of the device. According to an official press release, X Mask will be available for purchase in the US and Japan later this year.

It’ll be interesting to see how consumers respond to such a unique approach to facial tracking. For more information visit

Image Credit: Dolami

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