This Environmental Art Exhibit Is Powered By Mixed Reality

Mixed reality meets environmental awareness.

*UPDATE [5.23.22]: This article has been updated to reflect new information regarding pricing.*

Arcadia Earth is a one-of-a-kind art exhibit that features a wide assortment of multi-sensory technology designed to immerse you in a captivating mixed reality experience while, at the same time, educating you on various ecosystems as well as our impact on the environment, including single-use plastic waste and overfishing.

The experiential art show is powered by the HoloLens 2, Microsoft’s latest mixed reality headset. Using this device, you can access virtual animations layered over the real world just by looking at certain objects. You can even interact with certain elements using their own two hands via the headset’s built-in hand-tracking technology. Along for the ride is a friendly mixed reality orb designed to help guide you through the experience.

The exhibit is composed of numerous rooms, each featuring its own unique theme. The first room, for example, focuses on our negative impact on coral reefs via a life-sized diorama brought to life using mixed reality. Throughout the experience, you can watch as the holographic reef quickly fades to white due to bleaching.

The room also features a series of holographic orbs floating throughout that, when touched, unlock additional environmental facts, such as how changing the type of suncreen you use can have a positive impact on biodiversity. Clicking on this hologram automatically sends relevant information to your phone, allowing you to take immediate action in helping save the coral reefs.

In addition to mixed reality technology, the exhibit makes use of proximity triggered audio and video elements, offering a multimedia experience quite unlike anything we’ve seen before. The physical installations can even be updated over time with new mixed reality content and information.

Credit: Arcadia Earth

Arcadia Earth’s mixed reality experience will be open to the public in New York City later this month. Tickets begin at $33 off-peak ($39 peak) for the standard tour and $59 for the HoloLens-enabled mixed reality experience. As if you needed another reason to visit, proceeds from ticket sales will be used to plant mangrove trees, which are known for their ability to isolate carbon from the atmosphere.

The exhibit was developed in partnership with Enklu with support from Oceanic Global and WWF. For more information visit

Image Credit: Arcadia Earth

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