This AR Art App Helps You Paint Giant Murals

You can even design art alongside fellow painters via Multiplayer mode.

Da Vinci Eye, an augmented reality (AR) app that functions as a digital art projector, today announced a new update that allows artists of all skill levels to collaborate on giant murals.

Mural Maker 2.0 is a digital tracing tool that makes use of AR tracking to lock an image in place in the real world. According to the team, this offers a more effective tracing system compared to the conventional art projectors and grids popular among muralists. This is because the system can scale the proportions of an image on any surface. You can even use it in broad daylight.

The app features a unique two-device system that offers multiple features. One device is used to record a live AR video feed that layers your image over the real world, while the other is held by the artist so they can trace outlines and compare colors.

The system remembers where you placed your image in the real world, allowing you to work on projects over time. There’s even a Multiplayer mode, so you can stream the image to multiple devices and collaborate with other artists on the same murals in real time.

Mural Maker 2.0 is available now on iOS devices. While the app itself is free, you will need to pay a subscription to unlock all of the features. Don’t worry, only one subscription is required for multiplayer painting.

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Feature Image Credit: Da Vinci Eye LLC.

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