This $5M Bugatti Was Designed With The Help Of VR

The days of old-school clay models are coming to an end.

During an interview with The Drive, Bugatti Design Director Achim Anscheidt sat down with Editor-in-Chief Kyle Cheromcha to discuss how the team used conventional 3D modeling software and VR technology to create a $5,000,000 car in just nine months.

According to Anscheidt, the team used the popular CAD software Blender as well as a more advanced program called Alias to create a complex 3D model of the W16 Mistral roadster which could then be viewed in full-scale using a VR headset.

This design method removes the need for physical clay models, allowing car manufacturers to expedite the car development process while retaining the quality of the product. Designers can adjust the model at any time and view the alterations instantaneously.

“We are so VR-based now,” said Anscheidt to The Drive. “I also like clay and my hands-on, but our virtual glasses these days are so good that we’re getting very close to the final product.”

“I would probably say now we save 40 percent of the time compared to 15 years ago and 20 percent from five years ago.”

For more information check out The Drive’s full report here.

Image Credit: Bugatti

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