ThirdEye’s X2 Smart Glasses Could Be The Smallest Mixed Reality Headset Yet

ThirdEye’s claims their 6-ounce MR headset is the smallest in the world.

*UPDATE [9.30.19]*: After reweighing the glasses, the team now claims that the device actually weighs a total of 9.8 ounces, not 6.

Available for shipping worldwide, ThirdEye’s X2 Mixed Reality Smart Glasses promise a compelling immersive experience similar to that of major competitors minus the bulky hardware. 

Advertising the device as “the world’s smallest mixed reality glasses,” the X2 Glasses feature dual 720p see-through displays capable of 60fps, a 42-degree field-of-view; Bluetooth, WiFi, and 5G connectivity; two grey-scale cameras, a high resolution RGB camera (13-megapixel HD); thermal, ambient light, and flashlight sensors; a three-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass; and a slew of other features, all packed into a compact standalone headset weighing just 9.8 ounces. Noise-canceling microphones and a 1750mAH offer audio commands, a longer battery life, and 40% faster charging via quick charge.

Powered via Android OS, the X2 also includes ThirdEye’s personal simultaneous localization and mapping system (SLAM) called VisionEye SLAM, allowing for more complex mixed reality experiences too difficult to create on monocular devices. Along with VisionEye SLAM, ThirdEye will also be offering its own dedicated app store featuring hundreds of free and paid experiences and tools, as well as ThirdEye Workspace, built-in software featuring enterprise-focused tools like Live AR Remote Help and 3D SLAM-based CAD modeling and overlay. 

Image Credit: ThirdEye

“Our goal is to become the most recognizable smart glasses in the AR and MR industry, and so far we’ve created the widest field of view in the smallest form factor possible,” said Nick Cherukuri, Founder of ThirdEye Gen, in an official release.

Image Credit: ThirdEye

“The X2 Glasses are unlike anything else on the market right now–between the affordable price tag, powerful technology, and beautiful form–wear giving workers all across the enterprise the opportunity to really elevate their level of work. Coupled with our advanced AR software platform, we’re simultaneously providing companies with nearly 40 percent savings in productivity improvements.”

Image Credit: ThirdEye

ThirdEye’s X2 Mixed Reality Smart Glasses are available for shipping internationally for $1,959. Those who preorder the glasses before the mass production units are delivered in October will receive a $300 discount.

Feature Image Credit: ThirdEye

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