Thief Simulator Is A VR Game That Teaches You How To Steal

Slip into the mask of a master thief.

VR technology can be used to simulate a wide range of scenarios. You can play not only the hero of the story but the villain as well.

Such is the case with Thief Simulator VR – Greenview Street, a VR experience for the Meta Quest that puts you in the shoes of a minor burglar and tasks you with ransacking a sleepy neighborhood while avoiding detection. This will be easier said than done, however, as you’ll need to navigate around a variety of security measures without the aid of violence.

As a thief-in-training, you’ll learn the ins and outs of performing a professional burglary, from planning to execution. It won’t be easy. You’ll need to keep an eye out for nosy neighbors and select your target carefully. Thankfully, you’ll have an arsenal of high-tech burglary equipment at your disposal.

Begin by identifying and observing your target. Scout ahead for any potential obstacles ahead of time and plan accordingly. Each house presents different challenges and a variety of options for overcoming them. Once you’ve decided on a strategy, execute your plan and escape with the loot.

Thief Simulator VR – Greenview Street is available now for $19.99 on the Meta Quest. Thief Simulator VR originally launched on PC VR headsets back in 2020. Since then the game has received a number of significant improvements designed to further immerse you in your virtual thefts.

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