TheWaveVR x Strangeloop Takes You Into VR Music Rave

Strangeloop joins forces with TheWaveVR 6/28 at 7pm for N-FOLD, a synesthetic immersive music experience, in association with Flying Lotus imprint Brainfeeder.

TheWaveVR has been making loads of noise (well, music) over the past year—putting on the world’s first VR rave at VRLA as well as landing $4M in seed funding—and now they’re launching their flagship immersive event: N-FOLD.

To bring the full vision to life, TheWaveVR tapped David Wexler, known more commonly by his stage name, Strangeloop, to bring his stylized psychedelia into the immersive musical environment to blur the boundaries between music, visuals, and social interaction. The artist, known for his visual work with The Weeknd, Future, The Rolling Stones, Erykah Badu, and Flying Lotus, will usher users on the kind of “cinematic journey” that parallels the music—creating a synesthetic music experience only possible in VR.

N-FOLD is being released in association with the independent label Brainfeeder (best known as Flying Lotus’s imprint), as well as Strangeloop’s concert-visuals studio, Strangeloop StudiosSo, it’s safe to assume that N-FOLD will be the one of the most far-out raves you’ve ever attended.

Wexler’s work has been TheWaveVR’s CEO and Co-Founder Adam Arrigo’s radar for the past year—he’s now the company’s Art Director, and will be directing all future projects. TheWave intends this show as the first of many, but Arrigo knew right away that he wanted Wexler to kick off the groundbreaking series.

“When we met David a year ago, we got really inspired by the idea of giving him an infinite, dimensional palette for his vision and expertise in the audio visual art,” Arrigo said in a statement. “This is the first in a series of shows where we’ll explore what creative and experiential boundaries this new medium allows us to break.”

In a January 2016 interview with the Daily Bruin, Wexler discussed how his audio visual work is influenced by things such as music loops, altered states, infinite complexity, artificial intelligence, hyper-dimensional geometry and dreams; and it’s obvious from the official N-FOLD trailer that his partnership with TheWaveVR allowed him to really explore those influences.

“Utilizing the power of the TheWaveVR platform, N-FOLD can be something between a musical album, visual show, interactive environment, and cinematic experience – a new kind of VR concert,” said Wexler in a statement. “In the world of N-FOLD, a flickering ballet of light and pattern becomes self-aware in an artificial desert, whose contours seem at once controlled by the user and the conducting data-form of an avatar.”

N-FOLD will debut on TheWaveVR on June 28 at 7pm PST. Anyone with an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift will be able to fully immerse themselves in the experience, as well as interact with others in the shared virtual space in real-time. TheWaveVR has already shifted the conversation around the possibilities of music and live music performances using immersive technologies, and this inaugural event is sure to be a a moment in the landscape of both live music and XR that you won’t want to miss.

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