These VR Dumbbells Are Perfect For Fitness On The Quest 2

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We’ve seen our fair share of VR fitness accessories make their way to the Meta Quest 2 since its launch back in 2020, but nothing quite like KIWI design’s VR dumbbell attachments. Whereas most VR fitness accessories are designed to provide a comfortable in-headset experience as you sweat, the VR Weight Dumbbell for Meta Quest 2 is here to make things more difficult.

Available now via Amazon, KIWI’s VR dumbbells use a combination of custom-made attachments that allow you to customize the individual weight of each Touch controller. The system includes two covers for each controller which house a handful of polished weight plates weighing 1.8 ounces each. Each controller attachment supports up to three plates in total; the more plates you add, the greater the overall weight of the controller.

Setup is fairly straightforward. You simply slide the four covers provided onto the top and bottom portions of each controller and insert the number of plates you’d like into the center ring before securing the knob base. To prevent the weights from shaking while in use, use the weight adapters provided to create a snug fit. Here’s a breakdown of the total weight options:

  • 0 plates (3 weight adapters) = 0.18oz (5g)
  • 1 plate (2 weight adapters) = 1.8oz (50g)
  • 2 plates (1 weight adapter) = 3.5oz (100g)
  • 3 plates (0 weight adapters) = 5.3oz (150g)

As someone who loves working out in VR, I can’t help but get excited by the potential of KIWI’s VR dumbbells. VR technology is an amazing tool for cardio-based workouts but suffers from a lack of strength-based exercises. Companies such as Black Box VR and Liteboxer have created their own unique workarounds to this problem using custom peripherals that, while effective, aren’t exactly cheap and/or easily accessible.

KIWI’s VR dumbbells offer a unique middle ground for those seeking an effective VR workout that doesn’t break the bank. After spending roughly a couple of weeks with KIWI’s VR dumbbells, I can vouch for their effectiveness. That said, the accessory does come with its fair share of limitations.

The weights, for instance, only provide roughly 5.3oz of additional restriction per controller. That said, any more weight, and you risk potentially damaging the ring. While it’s tough to say for sure, KIWI’s VR dumbbells feel like the absolute maximum weight you’d want to place on the Touch controllers. I also found that the top cover of the accessory can sometimes get in the way of the controller’s joystick. Not exactly a game-breaking condition, but noticeable nonetheless.

Even with these minor inconveniences, KIWI’s VR dumbbells are an excellent tool for VR fitness enthusiasts. While designed specifically with fitness in mind, such as FitXR and Supernatural VR, the accessory can also be used for a variety of other VR games and apps. For example, the VR dumbbells can be used to simulate the weight of certain virtual objects, such as a weapon in the first-person shooter Contractors or a golf club in the VR minigolf experience Walkabout Mini-Golf. I also found the additional weight to be an interesting challenge in The Climb 2, which features a large amount of upper-body movement.

KIWI design’s VR Weight Dumbbell for Meta Quest 2 is available for $35.99 via Amazon.

*A free product was provided for this review.*

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