The VOID VR Theme Park is Coming to China

We were lucky enough last year to be one of the first to check out The Void in Utah, the first virtual reality theme park experience that is set to open this summer. The Void is a mind-bending experience that places users in a sci-fi shooting simulation, free to physically and virtually explore a large laser-tag like arena. All of this is made possible through The Void’s proprietary VR headset and Rapture Vest that make this one realistic and unforgettable experience.


Now, The Void is set blow even more minds with today’s announcement that they are planning to build China’s first virtual reality theme park.

Visitors will find themselves in a digital world riding spaceships, dodging bullets and fighting dragons with a friend thanks to the Shanghai, China-based Shanda Group, who will be introducing the theme park at an undisclosed location in China. Shanda will be the sole investor of The Void besides its founder.


Hickman, Chief Creative Officer of The Void, and Eliza Dushku at the theme park

As virtual reality investment continues to heat up in China with the likes of Baidu and Tencent making investments in the VR sector, it comes as no surprise that the Shanda Group has also pledged a $350 million investment in the VR space, according to an interview with ChinaDaily. Shanda has been shifting their business strategy away from online gaming and into the VR market, having just cut loose its flagship gaming subsidiary Shanda Games Ltd by selling off its shares. In December of last year, our friends at UploadVR also announced the closing of a $1.25 million seed funding round led by Shanda Group.


The Void’s VR helmet

If you can’t wait for The Void to open here in the states or in China, The Void will also be making it’s way to the TED 2016 conference that kicks off on February 15th in Vancouver, Canada. The company will be creating a large stage and experience that thousands of TED conference attendees will have the opportunity to step inside. The experience is expected to let attendees explore ancient caverns of a temple all while using a torch to light their way through mystical puzzles and dangers. Sweet.

Photo Credit: The Void

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