The Virtual Reality Prize in this Cereal Box

NutriGrain VR Cardboard Headset Cereal

The fond days of waking up in the morning as a kid and diving into your favorite cereal box to uncover a surprise toy or game have all but disappeared. It would seem as if cereal companies have ditched the physical prizes and replaced them with codes and sweepstakes that you apply for online. Where is the fun in that?

Kellogg may be finally bringing the fun back in cereal box prizes. Starting this month, Kellogg will be including a “cardboard” VR headset with the purchase of limited edition Nutri-Grain cereal boxes in the New Zealand market.


The Assembly

When we say “cardboard” we mean that the VR headset is literally cut from the cardboard cereal box. The actual hidden prize in the cereal is a lens piece wrapped in plastic, the one element that can’t be assembled from just cutting up the packaging. Consumers who purchase the cereal box will be challenged to empty the box, flatten it, and follow the diagram printed inside to cut/tape/measure their way to their very own cardboard VR headset.


This is no easy task, you will need everything from a knife, ruler, scissors, pen, tape, and a great deal of patience.

The Payoff

Once you have your official cereal box cardboard VR headset (you can also use any Google Cardboard headset as well), you can download the Nutri-Grain BOLT app on your smartphone to get access to a range of VR videos. The Nutri-Grain BOLT app launched last month and is available for both iOS and Android platform.


Both the app and the cardboard VR headset are part of the latest campaign from Nutri-Grain to give consumers a glimpse into the life of “unstoppable” action sports athletes. #LiveUnstoppable is a series of inspiring stories about individuals who have overcome barriers to live unstoppable lives.


Jump on a longboard and grit your teeth as you bomb down a long and winding road.

To celebrate the new virtual reality technology, three 3D 360-degree videos will be made available for viewing in the app. The lead video includes New Zealand skateboarder Levi Hawken tearing down a windy cliffside road on a longboard. The other two videos take you on an exhilitraing ride soaring through the sky in a wingsuit and boosting down a rugged mountain track on a bike. All videos can be unlocked by scanning a QR code on the side of the cereal box.


Jump out of a plane at the edge of the atmosphere and soar through the sky in a wing suit.

The Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain BOLT app will continue to provide fans access to Unstoppable content even after the limited edition cereal boxes have sold out in stores.

Although the challenge of assembling your own cardboard headset from a cereal box may be lost on some, there is sure to be a number of consumers who will be excited to build their first VR headset, and just maybe feel the joy of discovering the cereal box prize all over again.

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