‘The Under Presents’ Hosting Live Theatrical Performances Of Shakespeare’s ‘Tempest’ On Oculus Headsets

Interact with a live actor in this 40-minute immersive reimagining of the 1692 classic.

Since launching on Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest this past November, Tender Claws’ The Under Presents has featured a number of live performances as part of its ongoing immersive theater series, including a live Variety Hour held every Friday and Saturday featuring an eclectic assortment of performances by stand-ups comedians, musicians, and other talented acts.

This week Tender Claws and Oculus Studios revealed yet another addition to their lineup of live VR performances. Beginning July 9th, players can log into The Under Presents to catch a limited time interactive retelling of William Shakespeare’s famous play, Tempest. Lasting approximately 40 minutes, groups of six to eight players follow a live actor sheltering in place due to COVID-19 as they deliver a private rendition for the show that will have them actively participating in the story and its events.

“We’ve learned so much from running The Under Presents over the past seven months with live actors and had been exploring ways to expand that unique world and create other avenues to highlight our performers, and the pandemic ended up making a lot of loose ideas coalesce,” explained Tender Claws Co-Founder Samantha Gorman, in an Oculus blog post.

“With a lot of uncertainty for actors as theaters closed, and with everyone stuck at home seeking safe ways of meaningful human connection, The Under Presents inadvertently became a lifeline in many ways. With The Under Presents: Tempest, we’re extremely excited not only to create something new for our actors and fans, but also to continue to push the envelope for what virtual performances can be, and how we can experience liveness and presence in a virtual space.”

Performances are scheduled to run from July 9th through the end of September. Individual shows will take place from 4pm – 8pm PT on weekdays and 11am – 3pm PT on weekends. While The Under Presents itself is free (30 minutes of single-player gameplay included), players interested in catching a showing of Tempest will need to purchase a ticket for $14.99. Tickets also grant access to an exclusive multiplayer space, perfect for discussing the show with other attendees.

The Under Presents is available for download via the Oculus Rift Store and Oculus Quest Store.

Image Credit: Tender Claws

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