The Top Five Star Wars VR Games Available Now

Celebrate international Star Wars Day right with the following Star Wars VR games.

For those who may be out of the loop, today is May 4th, aka Star Wars Day, a 24-hour celebration of the legendary franchise and its incredible impact on film, television, gaming, and pop culture in general.

And what better way to celebrate the best day of the year then immersing yourself in a handful of stellar Star Wars VR games on Oculus Quest and SteamVR headsets? The following are our picks for the top five Star Wars VR games of all-time.


One of the first Stars Wars games released on VR headsets, Trials on Tatooine released on SteamVR headsets in 2016 where it immediately blew players away. While the experience may seem overly simplistic now, at the time this was one of the most impressive sci-fi VR experiences available to the public.

The short demo has you repairing the iconic Millennium Falcon alongside R2-D2 while, simultaneously, fending off Imperial Stormtroopers using an actual lightsaber. The game’s developer, ILMxLAB, would eventually go on to create some of the most popular Star Wars VR games available today, including the Vader Immortal Series and Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge.

Trials on Tatooine is available to download free via SteamVR.


The most recently released game on our list, Star Wars Pinball VR sets itself apart from the other games on the list, focusing on a Star Wars-themed pinball experience rather than an action-packed adventure. While this may sound rather tame compared to other games, this expertly crafted arcade simulator is packed with Star Wars-related content guaranteed to put a smile on the face of even the most cynical nerf-herder.

Developed by Zen Studios, the same team behind classic pinball games such as Pinball FX, Star Wars Pinball VR lets you go hands-on with multiple pinball machines, each based on a different Star Wars film or show, including The Mandalorian. As you play, each machine comes to life with visually captivating animations and effects that bring the Star Wars universe out of the machine and into your living space. Speaking of your living place, Star Wars Pinball VR lets you customize your very own Star Wars fan cave using various props and items from throughout the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Pinball VR is available now for $24.99 on Oculus Quest, SteamVR, and PlayStation VR headsets.


Developed by ILMxLAB, Star Wars: Tale’s From The Galaxy’s Edge is an “open-ended” episodic VR series that transports you to various points throughout the Star Wars timeline. You play the role of common droid technician who, after a series of unfortunate events, finds themselves on the bad side of a Guavian Death Gang led by Tara Rashin.

When you’re not exploring dangerous locations throughout the planet of Batuu, you’ll hang out with Seezelslak in his cantina as he recounts anthological stories set throughout different eras and locations in the Star Wars universe, which you experience first hand. Episode One takes you back to the glory days of the Jedi, aka the High Republic, as you step into the shoes of a young Jedi Padawan named Ady Sun’Zee as she teams up with Jedi Master Yoda to accomplish a dangerous mission.

During last month’s Oculus Gaming Showcase, the company revealed that Episode Two of the story is currently in development.

Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge is available now for $24.99 on Oculus Quest.


Available now on PCVR headsets via Origin and SteamVR, Star Wars: Squadrons is a pilots dream come true. This incredible space combat game lets you take control of four different classes of ships featured throughout the Star Wars franchise.

The game features an engaging single-player campaign that has you fighting on both sides of the conflict, offering a rare peek inside the lives of some of the universes’ unsung heroes—and villains. However, it’s the multiplayer dogfights that really sell the game. You’ll have access to four different classes of starfighters from two different factions. This includes Fighters such as the X-Wing and Tie-Fighter, to powerful Bombers and Interceptors. You can also customize your ship for various scenarios using a wide range of unlockable components. My favorite part is the in-game cockpit, specifically the customizable bobbleheads.

Star Wars: Squadrons is available now for $39.99 (currently on sale for $19.99) via SteamVR and Origin.


And finally we have Vader Immortal – A Star Wars VR Series. Technically a three-part series, we decided to count this as a single same seeing as all three episodes are available for access. Released back in May of 2019, Vader Immortal is first-person episodic adventure in which players take on the role of a force-sensitive smuggler who—after crash-landing on the planet of Mustafar, finds themself captured and imprisoned by THE Darth Vader.

What follows is an action-packed adventure that sees you taking on once-dormant sentinel droids, waves of poorly-trained Stormtroopers, and even Vader himself, using a variety of weaponry, including an ancient lightsaber. Each episode offers its own unique set of challenges to overcome, from navigating dangerous environments to facing off against a massive Rancor.

And that’s not even mentioning the Lightsaber Dojo. Present in all three parts, but perfected in Episode Three, this arcade game mode lets you go toe-to-toe with endless waves of enemies in an attempt to rack up high scores. You can use your lightsaber and force powers as well as thermal detonators and Imperial blasters stolen from Stormtroopers. There are also several traps hidden throughout the environment that, when triggered at the right time, can take out multiple enemies at once. The higher the score, the more customizations you can unlock, such as different colors for your lightsaber as well as new hilts and gloves.

You can buy individual episodes for $10 each or pick up the full bundle here.

What do you think? Were there any titles left of the list you felt as though should have been included? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image Credit: ILMxLAB

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