The Top Five Places To Visit In Horizon Worlds

Get the most out of Meta’s growing metaverse with our handy-dandy travel guide.

This past December, Meta (formerly Facebook) launched its VR social platform on Meta Quest 2 headsets, allowing players to create, share, and explore a growing catalog of virtual worlds and interactive experiences. Thanks to a $10 million creator program funded by the company, the platform has expanded even further with additional player-made content to enjoy.

We’ve spent the last few months combing the metaverse for the best worlds to explore and superlative games to play. The following is just a small handful of standout worlds that deserve a visit. If you’re just hopping in for the first time, we recommend checking out our official Horizon World’s Starter Guide.

American Idol VR

Have you ever dreamt of making it big as a singer/songwriter? Well then here’s your shot. American Idol VR is a public world where you can put your vocal skills to the test in front of a live audience. Like the actual show, you’ll perform a single song for three judges played by real people. At the end of your audition, the audience provides feedback in real-time using in-game gestures.

Like all of the worlds included on this list, the quality of your experience will depend heavily on when you choose to log on. For the best experience possible, we recommend signing in on Saturday night. Simply look for American Idol VR in Horizon Worlds.

Arena Clash

If you’re looking for a fast-paced PvP shooter, you’ll do no better than Arena Clash. This well-crafted team shooter has you duking it out in a colorful arena packed with devastating weaponry to employ. Gameplay-wise you’re looking at your standard team deathmatch. As you explore the map you’ll come across various weapons, from grenade launchers to shotguns.

Don’t let the simplistic shooting mechanics fool you, Arena Clash features a surprising amount of depth. Solid map design offers plenty in the way of strategic possibilities, as does the ability to resurrect fallen teammates throughout the match. Victory means working together as a team, so don’t be afraid to speak up.Simply look for Arena Clash in Horizon Worlds.

Club Vivid

Take a break from exploring the metaverse and chillax VIP-style in Club Vivid, a modern VR nightclub open to all users. Here you can dance to the beat of a custom hip-hop soundtrack, smoke some hookah in the VIP lounge, or step behind the turntables.

In the DJ booth you’ll find an interactive soundboard that allows you to trigger specific sounds and stage effects, including two powerful smoke cannons. We’ve had a number of memorable interactions at Club Vivid, making it one of our go-to worlds on a slow Saturday evening. Simply look for Club Vivid in Horizon Worlds.

UA Comedy Club

As a fan of stand-up comedy, UA Comedy Club has quickly become one of my favorite destinations inside Horizon Worlds. Part comedy club part social lounge, UA is the perfect place to work out your routine in front of a live audience. Anyone can signup for a spot, regardless of your level of experience. Of course, you’re always free to kick back and enjoy a handful of sets as an audience member.

That said, attendance tends to fill up quickly, so you’ll need to move quickly if you want to join the main room. Up-and-coming comics can hop behind the mic anytime they’d like, though you’ll catch the best acts performing Saturday nights at 7:30pm PT during The Headliner Show. The creator is currently in need of hosts and tech booth operators. Simply look for Club Vivid in Horizon Worlds.

Club Fuego

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Ugh, not another VR nightclub.” Hear me out though. Club Fuego offers a vastly different experience than the previously-mentioned Club Vivid. Fuego features a distinctly Latin vibe with its bright colors, Latin-inspired soundtrack, and exotic drinks.

You can hit the dance floor with your virtual cocktail, take turns in the DJ booth, move your hips in one of two gogo cages, or chill out on the upper floor. There are even a few interactive beer pong tables. Of the numerous VR nightclubs available inside Horizon Worlds, Cub Fuego has quickly become one of our favorites thanks to its colorful visuals and energetic community.

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