The NBA Is Joining The Metaverse

Check out the NBA Lane experience in VR via the Horizon Worlds metaverse.

Meta today announced that it has partnered with the National Basketball Association (NBA) to bring the NBA Lane experience to its Horizon Worlds VR metaverse in honor of the league’s 75th anniversary, offering you the chance to explore an NBA-themed wonderland complete with various games and activities to complete.

From now until June 30th, those on the Meta Quest 2 can log into the Horizon Worlds platform and visit the Events tab to find ‘NBA Lane,’ a new world dedicated to all things NBA. Here you can participate in a free throw shootout, watch viral NBA clips on the big screen, and snap selfies in the trophy room; pretty much everything a basketball fan could ask for.

Here’s a full list of activities (as provided by Meta):

  • Free Throw Shootout: A multiplayer minigame that has you competing against friends and strangers to see who can score the most shots on a moving hoop within the allotted time.
  • Low-Gravity Dunk Contest: Soar across the court as you try and impress the judges with your next-level dunking skills.
  • Big Screen highlights: Watch playoff highlights, player interviews, and other NBA content on a giant video screen.
  • Selfies in the NBA Trophy Room: Go hands-on with the new Larry O’Brien trophy in VR and snap a few selfies side-by-side with friends.

Meta has been hard at work partnering with numerous organizations to expand its Horizon Worlds metaverse. This past March, for example, the popular American fast-food chain Wendy’s opened its own world inside Horizon Worlds, allowing users to explore a custom virtual restaurant and participate in a three-point shooting competition. Earlier this week, the company announced plans to merge its live events platform Horizon Venues with Horizon Worlds, offering a one-stop-shop for live entertainment.

For more information check out the official blog post here.

Image Credit: Meta

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