The Meta Avatar Store Launches In VR Later This Year

Explore the metaverse in style.

This past June, Meta announced that it was working on a virtual clothing store for its Meta Avatars where you can purchase digital apparel from top-name brands using real-world money. During Meta Connect 2022 last week, the company announced that the Meta Avatar Store will be launching in VR “later this year.”

“We’re working with partners across sports, entertainment, and more to ensure that you can find clothes that fit your personal style,” said the company. “And we’re hoping that this will kickstart a marketplace for interoperable digital goods—meaning if you buy a sweater, you can wear it on your avatar no matter what app you’re using.”

Meta is partnering with a number of iconic fashion labels to expand its lineup of virtual clothing. This includes BalenciagaPradaThom Browne, Madhappy, and DRESSX just to name a few. The company has said that you’ll eventually have the ability to customize and sell your own fashion as well.

During the event, Meta revealed that developers will soon be able to implement their own custom avatar actions and behaviors. We also got a look at more expressive Meta Avatars powered by the Quest Pro’s eye tracking and Natural Facial Expressions as well as VR legs. According to Meta, these are just the first steps toward photorealistic avatars.

“We’re working on AI that will design an accurate avatar for you, so you don’t need to spend time tinkering with the pieces yourself (unless you want to),” said the company.

“In the future, you might also have multiple avatars—a serious photoreal representation of yourself for work meetings, and a more cartoonish version for hanging out. You could even show up to the group hang as a movie character or a dragon. Who’s to say?”

The Meta Avatar Store will be available in VR sometime later this year. For more information visit here.

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